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Would you rather watch paint dry than do your taxes?  Is the management of your business financials making you want to run for the hills?  You need our Certified Professional Awesomeness!  (CPAs)!

We are the top dog bean counters in our area and we love numbers!  We sleep, eat and breathe everything to do with taxes and equations!  The Tax Code gets us excited, and QuickBooks is child’s play.

We offer the traditional services that typical bean counters offer: business bookkeeping, payroll, audits and compilations, taxes, part-time CFO; but in nontraditional ways. We believe in high performance, respect and honesty, being flexible, and being available.  Integrity is our middle name.

We have highly trained and organized people who are eager to become your Squad. We work with individuals guiding them through tax preparation and personal financial planning. We are there to help with tough decisions surrounding estate planning and elder care.   We partner with businesses small and large to help them succeed in managing their financials, paying people and overall future planning.  Looking to take over an existing business?  We help with that too!         

You need someone who is always thinking about you and is always available to take your call. A real person always answers our phones during business hours – no robots, recordings, or press &*%! to get through: we’re here year-round and we’re even available in April, unlike many other tax offices. And don’t be surprised if we know you by name!

We won’t make you wait for any reports or financials.  We hate missing deadlines!  We do love sitting down to a cup of Joe and taking it easy reviewing those spreadsheets!

You don’t need “Dear Abby” when you have us.  We love dishing out advice and will keep you on the right financial track!  And you will sing our praises from the rooftops to let all your friends know that we are Certified Professional Awesomeness, (CPAs)!  Give us a call to schedule a FREE (yes free!) consultation.

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